Network configuration

Network configuration

We will make sure that everything works in your company. The starting point for any IT infrastructure is the networks configuration. Evotec Consulting studies its initial situation in order to design a network infrastructure that fits your needs.
Our technicians will carry out an audit to assess their initial situation and be able to optimally design the new system. In addition, we will help you in the transition to the new system and train you for your adaptation to it.

Our technicians will carry out the following actions in your company:

Networking is the starting point for any IT infrastructure

Initial Audit

Hardware Inventory
Inventory of software in use
Identification of critical points
Security Testing

Design of the new system

Evotec will offer the customer the optimum design
Advice on purchases and updates, to meet the optimal design

Transition to the new system

Make acquisitions, if necessary
Setting up the new environment
Security Testing

Load balancing on the internet

Increasingly, connections to the Internet or intranet in the company are more critical and the times of resolution by Internet operators are not as fast as they should be.

To do this, we have implemented devices that allow fault tolerance in Internet connections, so that there are always at least two operators, thus providing the company with a much greater guarantee.

The operating modes are as follows:

Fault Tolerance (active-passive)

Load balancing (active-passive)