Remote backup


Today it is very important to maintain computer security in your company. Having this remote backup service allows you to have all the information at any time and any contingency such as thefts, natural disasters, computer attacks, viruses…

6% of all computers suffer data losses during the year.
Source: Gartner Group.

60% of corporate data is stored on a single computer.
Source: IDC.

96% of all computers are not being backed up by backups.
Source: Contingency Planning Research y Strategic Research Corp.

15% of laptops are stolen or are severely damaged in the hard disk by accidents.
Source: Gartner Group.


Why is the loss of information a threat?

80% of companies with poorly protected data and no recovery strategies close within the next two years of a major disaster..
Source: National Archives and Records Administration.

93% of companies that lose data end up closing in less than five years.
Source: US Bureau Labor of Statistics.

But how much does it cost to lose information?

Backup - recuperación datos Evotec

And how much does it cost to retrieve the lost information?

Data type


Necessary time


Sales and Marketing Department

20 MB

19 días

17.000 €


20 MB

21 días

19.000 €


20 MB

42 días

98.000 €

The Evotec Remote Backup solution offers the following:

Secure Data Protection

All user accounts are protected by passwords. Besides, data will be compressed and 256-bit encrypted with an encryption key selected by the user on the client-side before being uploaded and stored on the backup server. The key will never be uploaded to the backup server during backup. Moreover, uploading of backup data can be done through secure SSL channel. This whole mechanism provides exceptional security to the backed up data.

Support Common Databases & Virtual Systems

Unlike other software, you do not have to purchase needed backup modules one-by-one. Evotec comes with all backup modules which support Microsoft Exchange Server mail-level backup, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Sharepoint, Oracle, MySQL, Lotus Domino/Notes, Hyper-V Server, VMware, etc., thus making it the best value-for-money backup software available on the market.

Replication for Added Protection

The replication application of Evotec Backup Software offers an additional level of data protection. Through this application, the data of the backup server can be replicated to another server located away from the primary backup server. In case the backup server fails, backup data are still available in the replication server. Moreover, the replication server can take up the role of the failed backup server and continue to provide backup service to all backup users.

Fast Backup Speed

Evotec’s seed load feature allows backing up of a large volume data to a local storage device during the first backup job. With our proprietary In-File Delta technology, the original file is required to be backed up once only, i.e. in the first backup job. Thereafter, only the changes within the file made since the previous backup are necessary to be backed up. With these two features, backing up of a large volume of data can be completed in a very short period of time.

Turning NAS into Enterprise Backup Server

The backup server application of Evotec can be run smoothly on common NAS devices, turning them into enterprise-class backup servers with robust features. NAS devices have high storage capacity, high scalability, and reasonably powerful CPUs. At the same time, their prices are far lower than regular servers. Therefore, combining a NAS device with Evotec Backup Software gives SMBs a robust and economical backup solution that is not available elsewhere.

Comprehensive Backup Report

Ahsay™ will notify every backup user about the backup status after a scheduled backup. The user will know if the backup is successful, with errors or warnings, etc. It also proactively informs system administrator on any error occurred on the backup server through a comprehensive administrator report. System log files are also available on the web management console for easy trouble shooting.

Cross-Platform Operation

Applications of Evotec Backup Software can be run on essentially all common platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, NetWare, UNIX and all other platforms that support Java. Moreover, Evotec supports cross-platform operation. For example, client-applications running on various Windows and Mac machines can communicate flawlessly with the backup server running on Linux platform.

Microsoft Exchange Server Mail-Level Backup

The built-in Microsoft Exchange Brick-Level Backup Module is able to perform mail-level (brick-level) backup and restore for Microsoft Exchange Server, including individual emails, calendars, and contact lists, etc. When a data loss disaster strikes, a system administrator can restore any individual emails, calendars and contact lists within a very short period of time, without the need to restore the full Exchange's information store. This capability makes Evotec an ideal backup tool for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Continuous Data Protection

The advanced Continuous Data Protection (CDP) feature of Evotec Backup Software captures every version of a file that has been saved to your hard drive. With CDP, whenever there are changes made to the files in the backup set, it will automatically back up the changes to the backup server. Thus, it provides a highly dependable means of real-time, continuous data protection for file servers, desktops, and laptops effortlessly and transparently, without any human intervention.

In-File Delta Incremental / Differential Backup

Both client-side applications of Evotec Backup Software equipped with our proprietary In-File Delta incremental / differential technology. With this feature, the original file is required to be backed up once only, i.e. in the first backup job. Thereafter, only changes are necessary to be backed up, greatly reducing the time required to back up large amounts of data.

Web-Based Restore

Evotec Backup Software allows users to restore backup data via the Internet through any web browser. This provides the option of restoring backed up data from a computer that has no Evotec’s client applications installed. It would thus be very useful when a user needs to restore some backed up files during traveling or business trip.